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Feb 2014

Know Thy Skin This Winter

Three Hot New Shower Filter Products

Facing up against gale force winds, blistering cold, fist fulls of blizzard like snow battering against our poor exposed skin this winter would be enough to make even the most hardened Inuit want to seek shelter. This year in the UK we have had the absolute worst winter storms for two decades, and it the bad weather doesn't look like it is about to abate.

In this article we are going to look take a close look at the largest organ of our body, the skin. And through this further understanding of this extremely important part of our body we will derive important tips and guidelines to ensure that we keep our skin in tip top condition this harsh winter...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Great Winter Hair

Water Companies Plead Guilty

In the winter months the temperature drops to extremely low levels and moisture is ripped out of the air and either freezes or is turned into snow. Therefore winter is a very bad month for our hair because the lack of moisture in the air is extremely drying and can cause a plethora of adverse conditions. Cold winds and the cold itself can damage hair if we do not maintain the natural oils that our body produces to protect hair.

Here's just a highlight of some of the Do's and Don'ts - please view our blog for full descriptions...

DO - Keep Hair Well Conditioned

DON'T - Over wash hair

DO - Keep natural oils in hair and scalp

DON'T - Overuse hair dryer

DO - Use alcohol free hair spray

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Hair Benefits Greatly From Being Washed in Filtered Water

10 Foods That Keep You Healthier and Happier

When we shower or bathe every day, we do not often think about the way in which the additives in our water might effect our bodies or specifically our hair. Often it's just a matter of turning on the shower, waiting for it to be warm enough, then getting under the water and doing what we need to do. Yet if we stopped to think for a moment what was actually inside the water we bathe and how those additives actually effect our hair, we might take a second thought before getting under that stream of shower water.

The water we use and is supplied to our homes varies greatly. Not all water is the same. There are regions of the country where water is drawn from underground sources, so the water is far more full of minerals and other things which might be in the soil, such as metals. Other regions might draw most of their water from over ground sources, so the water would have far less minerals but because of the exposure to the open, it may contain more organic material. Water companies also need to put chemicals (such as Chlorine or Chloramine) in our water supplies to kill that any bacteria and germs that are in the water or may be picked up in the pipes along the way to our homes. So depending upon where we live, we might live in an area where our water supplies are harder (more full of minerals) but has less chlorine, or we might live in an area where the water is softer, but has more anti-bacterial chemicals. Either way - the water we bathe and shower in is not as straight forward as we might superficially think...

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Seven Deadly Sins of Chlorine

And the winner is...

Chlorine is added to our water supplies and it is a highly dangerous and toxic chemical. In this article we have gathered seven conclusive reasons why Chlorine is worse than the seven deadly sins all put together.

Here's the list of the Seven Deadly Sins of Chlorine, read the full article at our blog for the details:

1. Toxic Chlorine Gas Inhalation
2. Damages Skin
3. Creates Carcinogenic THMs
4. Can Worsen Eczema
5. Damages Hair and Scalp
6. Turns Blonde Hair Green
7. Bad for the Environment

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