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Feb 2013

Water Bills Rise Double Rate of Inflation

Three Hot New Shower Filter Products

Water bills for householders in the south are set to rise by almost double the rate of inflation. This rise will see average water bills go to £354 per year.

The Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) has approved the rate increase which will see average household bills in London rise by £18.

Thames Water (the supplier of 14 million homes in London and also in the Thames Valley) sees the biggest percentage rise in both their water and sewerage bills. They will increase their bills by 5.5 percent . Southern Water will see it's bills rise by 5.4 percent making the average bill for their supplied households reach £449. Another water supplier in the southern regions, Wessex Water will increase their bills by the lowest percentage to 4.9 percent. Whereby the average water bill by this supplier will be £478 per year.

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Help! My Blonde Hair Is Turning Green!

Water Companies Plead Guilty

No - it's not St. Patrick's day already, but this is one of the most common questions we get asked from some of our customers. When blonde hair starts turning a lighter shade of green, many people start to worry. People's initial thoughts are that perhaps their hair dresser has put in the wrong chemical in their blonde highlights. Or they might even wonder if the green hair is some kind of internal problem, perhaps a problem with not getting enough vitamins or minerals in their diet. Needless to say when healthy blonde hair is vivacious and full of life one day, then starts turning an ugly shade of green the next it does make people concerned.

Luckily this concern though needn't go too far. When blonde hair starts turning green it is an indication of environmental effects on the person's hair. With just a few tips and tricks that can easily be applied, one can ensure that blonde hair need never turn that sickly green colour ever again.

A common denominator of this condition is always water. Whenever this happens it always either surfaces after someone has had a shower or after someone has had a long swim at a pool. This indicates that there must be something in water that actually makes blonde hair turn green. That something is actually copper.

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Shower Filters - A Natural Eczema Alternative Treatment

10 Foods That Keep You Healthier and Happier

Eczema is a skin condition that is suffered by many of our customers. With all the various potions and lotions available at the moment for eczema, we like to think that perhaps it's not what you can put on that will help, but what you can take out. Our eczema shower filters are a natural way to relieve eczema by removing impurities in shower water which can aggravate eczema and sensitive skins, while leaving you with clean, chemical-free shower water, which is healthy for you and your whole family.

Chlorine has very drying effects on skin and can also irritate sensitive skin. According to the Center for Excellence in Dermatology, Eczema can be caused by being in contact with irritants such as chlorine.

The Children's Physician Network state also that irritating substances such as chlorine can lead to flare-ups in childhood Eczema.

The NHS list Chlorinated Water as an irritant that can cause contact dermatitis, they state: "You may be at increased risk of irritant contact dermatitis if you have atopic eczema."

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Two Methods For Cleaning A Grimy Shower Head

And the winner is...

One of the most often complaints we hear from our customers is about how dirty, grimy and lime scale ridden their shower heads become with the hard water in this country. A large amount of our customers don't care about the health benefits of a shower filter, they don't really care so much about removing chlorine or heavy metals or the benefits of soft skin or healthy hair. What they care most about is will the shower filter stop their shower heads from becoming so dirty, crusty and overall so icky!? In these cases we are always very happy to let our customers know, yes! Installing a shower filter will help to remove lime scale, calcium and other contaminants that cause for shower heads to become encrusted with such an woeful layer of unattractive grime.

In this article we discuss two methods for cleaning your shower head. Method 1 involves removing the shower head and soaking it in vinegar on the stove (please make sure you read the whole article before doing this). Method 2 involves leaving the shower head on the shower pipe, but placing a zip lock bag over the face.

Please click on the link below to be taken to the original article on our site which has step by step instructions on how to do one of these two methods.

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