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July 2013

WIN 1 Yrs Supply of Shower Filter Refills OR £50 Cash!

Win 1 Yrs Supply of Shower Filter Refills or £50 CASH!

How would you like the chance to win one of two fantastic prizes? The first prize is a whole year supply of replacement shower filter cartridges! Don't want or don't need a year supply of shower filter cartridges? Then everyone needs a little extra cash! Tell us to keep our shower filter replacements and take £50 CASH instead, it's completely up to you.

You can enter multiple times through two different methods:

1. Enter through our Facebook competition, simply visit:

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Remember every friend you tell gives you another entry into the competition!

Summer 2013 Health, Happiness and Jellyfish?

10 BEST Summer Health Tips

What a truly glorious July it has been so far, with hottest days we have seen since 2009. Glorious summer, do not fail us now! Here are some great tips for keeping healthy and happy this summer.

Tip 1: Change Your Shower Filter Cartridge

Summer usually gets hot and sticky, so we tend to have more showers in summer. With more showers it means our shower filters are going to be working a lot harder for us. Therefore it is a great opportunity for us to change our shower filter cartridges. If we've changed cartridges in the recent couple of months, maybe we should consider back-flushing the cartridge (if it is possible for your model of shower filter) to rid the cartridge of sediment that might have trapped itself either inside the cartridge or around it...

Tip 2: You've heard it before, but we'll say it again : Apply sun screen!

Skin cancer is definitely not a joke and many of us Brits think that it never gets sunny enough to actually need to apply sunscreen, but we're wrong! During the summer there is a heightened amount of UV rays bombarding the earth and it is these UV rays that actually cause skin cancer. It does not matter if it is a cloudy day or if it is a really sunny day, during summer the heightened UV radiation can cause skin cancer...

Tip 3: Going to a sea side resort? Mind those jellyfish!

If you're going to a sea side resort around the UK (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), do keep an eye out for those stinging jellyfish. Most jellyfish are harmless and do not sting, but there are a few which do, so they are best avoided altogether. In the UK jellyfish numbers are on the increase and they are responsible for the most amount of stings from animals in the sea...

Tip 4: Eat fresh seasonal summer vegetables for increased happiness!

Researchers at the University of Otago (NZ) have recently completed a study of 281 young adults for 21 days and concluded that there is a day-to-day relationship between those who reported a higher fruit and vegetable consumption and positive mood.

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Let's Talk Chloromines

Chloromine in tap Water dangerous

Chloramine are one of the newer types of chemicals put into water to disinfect water supplies instead of Chlorine, it is created by combining traditional Chlorine and Ammonia. It is used by water companies here in the UK, in the United States and many other nations. Like Chlorine, Chloramines react with organic material in water supplies and cause THMs (Trihalomethanes). THMs have been linked with causing certain cancers and are best eliminated from home water supplies altogether. In this article we will discuss what Chloramine is and also the method to best remove it from our water supplies at point of use.

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Shower Filter vs. Whole House Filter

Shower Filters Vs. Whole House Filters

What is the difference between a whole house filter system and a Shower Filter? This article discusses the difference between the two products and looks briefly at a comparison between the two. Finally the article will make a recommendation about which product would best suit particular situations.

Whole House Filters - are extremely similar to Shower Filters, but instead of filtering water at the point of use (such as the shower or basin tap) the filters are attached to the pipes of the home where water enters the house. This functions so that any water that comes into the home passes through the Whole House Water Filter system thereby filtering any water used in the home. Whole House Water Filter cartridges generally contain the same type of filter mediums as a Shower Filter, such as; Carbon based filters used in conjunction with a KDF filter. 

There are many pros and cons when comparing Whole House systems vs. Point of Use systems such as a Shower Filter. Things to consider are: Renter or Owner? Set-up costs and On-going costs, Whole House vs. Point of use.

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