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11th of October 2010

Radon - Second Largest Cause of Lung Cancer


Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in the world. However, very few know that the second biggest cause of lung cancer is radon exposure in homes. Dr. Maria Neira of WHO (World Health Organisation): "Most radon-induced lung cancers occur from low and medium dose exposures in people's homes. Radon is the second most important cause of lung cancer after smoking in many countries".

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas borne out of the decay of uranium. Radon seeps into enclosed spaces like mines and also into underground water supplies where it is trapped within this water. A report released by the National Academy of Sciences states that there is a link between tap water and radon-induced lung cancer.

During showers radon particles are released as gases from hot water into the air as steam. The steam contains radon and within the confined space of showers and bathrooms, substantial amounts of radon gases are inhaled. The UK’s Health Protection Agency state that radon exposures in many homes are close to those received by uranium miners.

The most effective and environmentally friendly way to protect against radon gases in the shower is to install a Shower Filter. Shower Filters are easy-to-install shower heads that have an in-built water filter. As the radon particles pass through the filter, they are trapped and therefore make shower water free from radon. Shower Filters have replaceable cartridges and also eliminate other impurities like; chlorine, magnesium, heavy metals, lime scale and other contaminants that can cause adverse health effects.

Replacement Cartridges - Big Savings!


We have further reduced our prices on Replacement Shower Filter Cartridges and are passing on the savings to you.

Paragon Replacement Filters were £38.72 -now only £25.00

HBB Replacement Filters were £25.85 - now only £19.95

These savings will not last - so please grab a bargain now.

Autumn Health Tips


Autumn brings change; change in the colours of the leaves in the trees, change in the length of the days and often change in the way we feel. From the fire and energy of Summer our bodies and minds both start to wind down and are captured by the slower pace of Autumn.

Avoid Eating Late - As our bodies slow down to match the slow down in nature. Our metabolism will also slow, so don't eat dinner too late as it will take longer to digest and may cause you to feel more lethargic. In this season we should be eating pure, fresh foods and cook with spices. Go for soups made with mung bean, adzuki beans, pumpkin, carrot, ginger and chicken. To keep your skin lovely and untouched by those sharp winds, add soaked and blanched almonds and walnuts to your morning muesli or porridge.

Moisturise Skin - With the rising of colder days and increase in winds. The skin on our face and other exposed areas get a real beating. Cold winds suck important moisture out of our skin and leave it feeling dry and brittle. So use a good moisturiser and also use a moisturising body wash. You will need to use less body wash because the shower filter will help your body wash lather better.

Autumn Hair Loss - Many of us experience seasonal hair loss. During summer and spring, sun rays increase the secretion of the hormones that regulate the hair’s growth, and cause accelerated growth during the months when the weather is hot and greater loss in Autumn, for hair that has reached the end of its life cycle. Don't be too concerned about more hair loss around this season, it's natural.

Announcing The Opening of http://www.FiltreDouche.fr


We would like to announce the opening of our eCommerce web site in France - http://www.FiltreDouche.fr.

Our new site offers all same great range of Shower Filters that PureShowers.co.uk offers, but is entirely in the French language.

If you have friends or family in France then please feel free to let them know that they can now order our great products in France from http://www.FiltreDouche.fr